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Active, or activated, carbon is one of the most used purifying agents in pharmaceuticals, in water filters, or to remove bad odors. In fact, it is becoming more and more common in commercial soaps and toothpastes. Today, it's available to everyone  and we can take advantage of its benefits at home, in a comfortable and effective way.

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The skin of our face is the one that we show the most, it is also the most exposed to environmental pollution and the Sun. This constant exposure causes the pores to open over time, due to the accumulation of traces of dust, facial oil, makeup and even skin cleansing products.

Therefore, it is important that we do a detox or deep cleansing of the skin, periodically.

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Activated carbon is excellent for this, since, thanks to its ability to cleanse and exfoliate, it manages to absorb impurities, toxins and traces of dirt. In addition, it helps us to recover the smoothness and youth of our skin, by combating the appearance of free radicals, which are molecules that favor skin aging.

The use of activated charcoal is especially recommended for oilier skin and also for mixed skin, as it will absorb excess oil from the skin, balancing sebaceous production. In this way, it also helps fight acne and prevents its appearance, thanks to its antibacterial properties, since it reduces the size of the pores by eliminating the dirt that clogs them.

Thanks to the use of activated carbon on your skin, you will notice a greater luminosity and balance in the tone and texture of the skin, giving your face a healthier appearance.

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How to make your active carbon mask at home?

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We already know the importance of taking care of our face, that is why it is recommended to do a detox (or detoxification) monthly, or every two weeks, especially if you live in cities where the air is more dense. Also, it can be used in 4-day cycles, as a daily mask to lighten skin tone.

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1 tablespoon of activated carbon (the finest)

4-6 tablespoons of purified water (can be chamomile)

1 tablespoon of honey



Mix the activated charcoal with the water and honey. Mix well, until you get a mixture without lumps and not too watery so that it stays on your face.

Spread this mixture on the face and neck, leaving it to act for 10 minutes, massaging the entire skin for the first 2 minutes. Wash the area with plenty of warm water. You can replace all or part of the water with coconut oil for best results.

*Note: It is important to moisturize the skin well after applying this mask, since the activated carbon also absorbs moisture from the skin.

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Discover some of the Mandala Verde products made with activated carbon.

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