Active, or activated, carbon is one of the most used purifying agents in pharmaceuticals, in water filters, or to remove bad odors. In fact, it is becoming more and more common in commercial soaps and toothpastes. Today, it's available to everyone  and we can take advantage of its benefits at home, in a comfortable and effective way.

Activated carbon is a neutral, highly pure and porous substrate, thanks to the fact that, to obtain it, a special burning is carried out ?without oxygen? charcoal from trees, coconut or bamboo. This means that it has a high capacity to trap heavy metals, gases, water and toxins on its surface, which can be of great assistance to us, knowing how to apply it correctly.

If you suffer from stomach damage

Thanks to its ability to trap and eliminate toxins, microorganisms and substances that are harmful to the body, it is perfect to help with:

Gases: take up to 1 gram a day, half an hour after eating, in a little warm water.

Diarrhea: take up to 20 grams a day, in small doses every 2? 4 hours in a little warm water.

Intoxication, drug overdose or consumption of toxic products: In serious cases, the ideal would be to have a medical accompaniment. It is recommended to take up to 40 grams a day in doses of 2 grams every 1-2 hours in a little warm water.

*Precautions: Do not ingest activated charcoal for more than 2 days in a row. You should also consider that ingesting it can prevent the absorption of nutrients or necessary medications, it is better to ingest it two hours after any medication.

*Some side effects of ingesting activated charcoal can be: constipation, black stools or dehydration.

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