It all started with my armpits.

One day, after having my two children, I realized that my armpits had changed a lot with breastfeeding. They had gotten much darker and now I had a bunch of pimples around me that, while not itchy, didn't feel good. I like to wear sleeveless shirts and t-shirts band-aids, and I didn't feel comfortable wearing them anymore, with my armpits like that. Also, my regular deodorant was no longer helping me control body odor.

Doing some reading, I realized that the constant use of commercial deodorants causes the skin of the armpits to darken, due to the aluminum, antiperspirant agents and synthetic fragrances, which these products carry, accumulate in the axillary gland and cause this darkening, as well as pimples and an increase in bad odor, this is because the body naturally tries to detoxify the gland.

Also, I learned that the armpit's job is to sweat and help remove harmful toxins from the body, so using an antiperspirant prevents the body from staying clean and flowing.

I looked for more information and found several recipes to make natural deodorants for myself, which would allow me to detoxify my armpits. They were all so varied and different that I didn't know where to begin. So I decided to try several that took the supplies that I had on hand, or that were easy to get.

Now, in practice, I had to be my own guinea pig, because it was the deodorant for me. Some felt strange on the skin, others stained the clothes; Others did not work directly to control the smell, but there was one that I liked and I improved it over time.

It was amazing to see that something made in my kitchen, with naturally derived ingredients, worked so well on my underarms. What I liked the most was the rejuvenation of my armpits. They cleared up, the pimples were gone, and the odor was no longer a problem. I felt how my armpits thanked me for the change by becoming prettier!

From this starting point, I became passionate about ridding myself and my family's life of so many harmful chemicals. I began to study the ingredients of the deodorants, shampoos, soaps, creams that I used, and those available in the supermarket.

Thus, I was eliminating many cleaning and personal care products from my home and I was finding cleaner alternatives. or natural. And, above all, I started making them myself. This led me to develop knowledge about geo cosmetics or natural cosmetics, its formulas and supplies.

Today, after years of study and experimentation, I am passionate about sharing this knowledge of natural personal care to the Spanish-speaking world, and that is what this page is about.

Apart from offering high quality products, handmade and consciously, Mandala Verde's Blog and how-to guides for natural home and personal care products are intended to illustrate, and expand knowledge about natural personal care, which is important for the other goal of this page, which is empower the consumer! through providing useful information so that you know how to take care of yourself naturally.


doAbout us?

We are an artisanal enterprise (made with hands) that, since 2014, has been dedicated to the elaboration and development of high-quality natural and medicinal personal care products.

It is essential for us to empower the consumer, raising awareness about the harmful effects on health and the environment caused by the petro-chemical components contained in most mass-selling personal care and hygiene products. And, at the same time, we are interested in informing about the biological vegetable alternatives that can help us restore the balance in our body and our surroundings.

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