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Did you know that every year around 100 million animals suffer and die in cruel tests carried out by different industries?

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One of the largest industries, which still continues to torture animals, is makeup and cosmetics. Most of the animals they use are cold-blooded (reptiles), but they also use mice, rabbits, birds of all kinds. To test the products, animals are forced to consume substances that harm their health and, in many cases, cruelly cause their death.

It is because of this sad reality that, from your position as a conscious consumer, it is your responsibility to verify that what you buy is free of animal cruelty. In this way, you are helping the awareness of respect for Mother Earth to expand.

Never doubt it: your decision makes the difference. Think that, by buying products free of animal testing, you are protecting innocent lives

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That a product is free of animal cruelty means that it meets these 3 requirements:

  • That the inputs, ingredients or raw materials have not been tested on animals.
  • That none of its formulas have been tested on animals.
  • That they or any entity experiment on animals with the finished product, or in the marketing or distribution of the product.
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How to verify that a product is free of animal cruelty?


You can check that the product has the seal that certifies being cruelty-free on the brand's packaging. These stamps tend to vary slightly in design, but usually include a drawing of a rabbit accompanied by the phrase ?cruelty-free?.

Additionally, you can identify brands that are cruelty-free through apps like: Cruelty cutter, Think dirty or Bunny Free.

In case you want to use them, you must download them and when you are in front of a product that you doubt, you must scan the barcode of the product to verify if it is cruelty free.

Here we offer you a list of brands (PETA, 2021) of cosmetics that do test with live animals, and that we recommend you not to buy again.

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Bobbi Brown






Dolce and Gabbana

Estee Lauder

Giorgio Armani


Johnson & Johnson

The real


La Roche Pasay



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Make Up Forever

Mary Kay









Rimmen London

Sephora Collection


Shu Uemura

Tom Ford



El Secreto de Victoria


Yves Rocher

Yves Saint Laurent


Some of these industries have resorted to ceasing animal testing in order to sell their products in countries where this activity is frowned upon or prohibited. However, they continue to do so in products that are destined for sale in countries like China.

In China, it remains a requirement that cosmetics sold in its territory must check their tests in animals. For many of these companies, the deaths and suffering of animals is a price to pay in order to guarantee the expansion of their market.

We can only stop this activity from the individual consciousness that we can generate within each one. You contribute with your decision not to consume more products that use animals as if they were objects and not sentient beings. The more individual consciousness we add, we will reach a point of collective consciousness that will make this just a sad story of the past.

Here you can see the animated short save ralph which is helping to make many people aware of the mistreatment animals suffer when they are used as experimental objects.


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